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7 Benefits customers can get from Automotive Training Equipment

1. Utilize NCS-based job professional education curriculum.

  • Equipment composed of real automotive component increase educational effects.
  • Animation video and equipment operation video included every equipment can be utilized in theory education before hardware equipment training.
  • Troubleshooting exercises on student practice manual help training for students.

2. Get pride higher by using cutting-edge hightech equipment.

  • Professors(teachers) can put more than 20 faults by PC into electronic system including an engine simulator.
  • Auto faults can be put into simulator by PC after theory learning on PC.
  • It is possible to analyze data by PC or measurement equipment.

3. Ergonomically designed system is easy to use.

  • Control panel part can adjust its angle to fit students' height so that it decrease fatigue for long hours use.
  • The system has safety device to prevent safety accident.

4. Can choose proper system for each students' skill level.

  • Equipment include several levels from beginning level including Cut way model to advance level and master application level for users to choose proper one for their own level.
  • At the end of the training, it is possible to evaluate students' skill level based on NCS.

5. YES01 features strong durability by applying TQC's D.C.C.A.P.T process system.

  • For long-term use, not only humidity can't affect deterioration of system, but also heat-resistant material prevents discoloration.
  • Steel materials not only stand load, but also feature special materials for humidity prevention.
  • Every parts of connectors prevents rust by using plated materials.

6. A/S is convenient by using systems applied by CE Marking and ISO9001.

  • It is easy to replace in A/S due to triple PCB of every electronic boards.
  • For observance of standard manufacturing regulation, users can use them safely.
  • Web-based remote support is available including installation education support, A/S support, seminar open support, etc.

7. Can utilize systems with bottom price and top quality.

  • YES01 always tries hard to provide customers with bottom price, top quality systems.
  • YES01 also provide free upgrade when softwares of bought equipment is upgraded.